5 Tips to Manage Financial Stress.

General Leanne Mollica 2 Apr

With the continued rise of inflation, interest rates and the overall cost of living, the uncertainty can be unnerving for many individuals. But don’t fret! We have some tips and suggestions to help you manage your financial stress and help you to power through these latest economic changes: Prioritize What You Can Control: It can be […]

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Tapping into Your Home’s Equity with the CHIP Reverse Mortgage.

General Leanne Mollica 27 Mar

Curious about the CHIP Reverse Mortgage by HomeEquity Bank? If you’re a Canadian aged 55 or older, this financial solution could hold the key to tapping into your largest asset, your home. It’s a unique opportunity that allows you to use your home equity for various purposes, from paying off debts to funding home renovations […]

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Great News On The Canadian Inflation Front.

General Leanne Mollica 22 Mar

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 2.8% year-over-year in February, down from the 2.9% January pace and much slower than the 3.1% expected rate. Gasoline prices rose in Canada for the first time in five months, which led many analysts to forecast a rise in February inflation as seen in the US. However, offsetting the […]

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Tips to Improve Your Credit Score.

General Leanne Mollica 19 Mar

One of the important factors in home ownership is understanding things like your credit score.  Some people don’t pay much attention to this metric until they begin the mortgage discussion! However, you will find that your credit score is one of the most important factors when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage at the […]

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Canadian Employment Gains Strong in February–Up 41,000.

General Leanne Mollica 11 Mar

february job gains double forecast as unemployment rate ticks up Today’s StatsCanada Labour Force Survey for February was a mixed bag and shows the dramatic effect of surging immigration. Canadian employment rose by a much stronger-than-expected 41,000, dominated by a 71,000 rise in full-time jobs. The employment rate–the proportion of the population aged 15 and older […]

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Fraud Awareness Month

General Leanne Mollica 4 Mar

Did you know? March is Fraud Awareness Month. Protecting yourself and your mortgage from fraud is crucial to safeguard you financial well-bring. Understanding some of the more common mortgage fraud scams and how to protect yourself can make all the difference. The most common type of mortgage fraud involves a criminal obtaining a property, and […]

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Amortization Options

General Leanne Mollica 26 Feb

Your mortgage amortization period is the number of years it will take you to pay off your mortgage. Depending on your choice of amortization period, it will affect how quickly you become mortgage-free as well as how much interest you pay over the lifetime of your mortgage (a longer lifetime equals more interest, whereas a […]

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Great News On The Inflation Front Cause Big Bond Rally.

General Leanne Mollica 21 Feb

canadian inflation falls to 2.9% in january, boosting rate cut prospects The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 2.9% year-over-year in January, down sharply from December’s 3.4% reading. The most significant contributor to the deceleration was a 4% decline in y/y gasoline prices, compared to a 1.4% rise the month before (see chart below). Excluding gasoline, […]

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Navigating Spousal Buyout Mortgages: A Guide for a Seamless Transition

General Leanne Mollica 16 Feb

The decision to pursue a spousal buyout mortgage can be both emotionally and financially challenging.   I’m here to provide you with the information you need and to address and answer the 10 most commonly asked questions to make this process as smooth as possible.   Q1: What is a Spousal Buyout Mortgage? A spousal buyout […]

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What’s Next for your Home After a Separation?

General Leanne Mollica 15 Feb

Growing up, most people dream about living a fairytale with a wonderful partner and a life of bliss. Unfortunately, real life is not always a fairytale and not every relationship lasts forever. In fact, latest statistics show that 38 percent of all marriages in Canada end in divorce. Separating, whether through divorce or ending a […]

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